Every year, Hong Kong Baptist University admits over 5,000 students from Hong Kong and worldwide. The Chaplain's Office preserves the Christian mission since the University established. We are devoted to provide students with pastoral care, nurture their spiritual lives and provide various platforms to equip students to become humble servant leaders. We strive to preach the gospel in campus, sow and harvest for the Lord.


Fellowship and Groups Fellowship and Groups
University Christian Fellowships

We gather students from different degrees and faculties. Through regular meetings, we share on faith and grow together spiritually and to be Christ's witness in campus.

Music Team Music Team
Music Ministries

We offer various platforms for students to equip themselves and unleash their talents in church music. By different music genres, we hope to spread the good news in campus.

Non-local Student Ministry Non-local Student Ministry
Non-local Student Ministries

The international campus brings different vibes. Mainland students and international exchange students are also our caring targets. We aim to help students adapt to the local learning environment and promote cultural exchange through orientation activities. We also work with partner churches to provide worship services and spiritual activities to support students' spiritual lives.

Chapel Sunday Worship
Time: Every Sunday 11:00am-12:30pm 
Venue: Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel (opposite to the North Tower, Student Residence Halls)

Christian Counselling Christian Counselling
Counselling Ministries

Do you feel hesitant and helpless towards life? Want someone to understand your feelings? Have you ever worried about academics, relationships, family, beliefs during University life? Chaplain's Office provides face-to-face counselling services to help you face your problems, and build a positive and confident life. We also provide different personality tests and workshops for students to know more about themselves and relieve their emotions

Camp and Service Trip Camp and Service Trip
Camp & Service Trip

Nurturing Christian student leaders and practicing holistic education is one of our goals. We hope that students will not only pursue knowledge, but also be spiritually equipped to prepare serving in church and society after graduation. Every summer, the Leadership Training Camp will be held for prospective student leaders, to cultivate their leadership qualities and deeper understand the meaning and mentality of a 'servant'.

In addition, we organize overseas service trips to broaden students' horizons, serve local communities with love, and train servant leaders.