Counselling Ministries aim to provide pastoral care and support HKBU students. Through different counselling and psychological workshops and personal counselling, students are accompanied to face different challenges and to build a positive and confident life.

Christian Counselling Christian Counselling
Christian Counselling

We provide face-to-face Christian counselling services to accompany and assist students in understanding their developmental issues or emotional distress and to find ways for improvement and growth.

It is a free service for all current HKBU full time students.

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Personality Tests Personality Tests
Personality Tests

We provide different personality tests such as Taylor- Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) and DiSC for students to better understand their personality traits. Students can know more about themselves so as to improve their interpersonal relationships.


Psychological Workshops Psychological Workshops
Psychological Workshops

We organize different workshops to suit the needs of students and to cultivate and develop a stable and positive mind.

Examples: Character Development Workshop, Mindfulness Workshop

Certification Courses Certification Courses
Certification Courses

We provide certification courses for students to have in-depth learning, experience and practice in different psychological therapies or areas. For example, Focusing Levels Courses, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy.

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