We strive to promote campus ministry for students to build and reflect on their faith. For years, we witness many lives being nurtured and transformed. Regular Bible study groups, retreat camps and personal care help us to connect with alumni and support each other spiritually. 

Regular Meet / Bible Study Regular Meet / Bible Study
Regular Meet / Bible Study

The Chaplain’s Office always extends our warm welcome and keeps our best relationship to serve alumni.   Not only through a personal connection with individual alumnus but also as a group, such as the College of International Education Alumni Fellowship (CIEAF) and different bible study groups.  We believe it’s important for us to explore the Word of God and also to extend our fellowship continuously.  

Alumni Retreat Alumni Retreat
Alumni Retreat

Alumni Retreat camp allows us to take a pause and help us to slow down. It serves as a circuit break and provides us with clarity. The alumni retreat camp creates the extra space which allows us to step into a deeper relationship with God as well as a reunion. 

Stone of Help Limited Stone of Help Limited
Stone of Help Limited

An organization founded by HKBU Christian alumni, aiming to enhance the fellowship among alumni and express care to alma mater. It is registered as a limited company in 1994. The donation from alumni supports campus ministry, such as providing bursaries and financial aids to students who are in financial needs. 

Pastor Alumni Pastor Alumni
Pastor Alumni

In the past 60 years, there are many alumni pastors who received calling from God to serve in full-time ministry.  The Chaplain’s Office is honored to connect and provide support to them. 

For more information, please contact veggy@hkbu.edu.hk