We aim to uphold the Christian heritages of Hong Kong Baptist University. In addition to serving students and staff in the campus, we are committed to promote University-wide and city-wide gatherings.


Faith in Practice Forum Faith in Practice Forum
Faith-in-Practice Forum

"Faith-in-Practice" is the motto of Hong Kong Baptist University. It should also be the ambition pursued by every Christian. The annual Faith-in-Practice Forum is one of the grand occasions in Chaplain's Office, serving Hong Kong Christians through the in-depth speaker's sharing.

Christian Emphasis Week Christian Emphasis Week
Christian Emphasis Week

We uphold the Christian heritages in University by organizing the Christian Emphasis Week in every semester. The Week comes with different themes and activities to share the gospel and values grounded on Christian Faith to student, staff and public.

Baccalaureate Service Baccalaureate Service
Baccalaureate Service

The tradition of Baccalaureate Service originates from Christian universities in Europe and America. In April, the Service is held for graduands to celebrate and recognize their achievements, congratulate to their new stage of life and give praise to God.

Founders' Day Thanksgiving Service Founders' Day Thanksgiving Service
Founders' Day Thanksgiving Service

As an institution of higher education founded on Christian faith and heritage, we organize the Founders’ Day Thanksgiving Service every year to remember God’s grace and to praise for His guidance and blessings to the University.

Noontime Worship Noontime Worship
Noontime Worship

Every Wednesday 1:00-1:40 pm

Guest speakers from University or outside share messages in Noontime Worship. All students and staff are welcome.

Fundraising Walkathon Fundraising Walkathon
Fundraising Walkathon

In order to raise fund for our campus ministry, the Fundraising Walkathon will be held, collaborated with student organizations and Christian Staff Fellowship. It aims to encourage students and colleagues to support the campus ministry and nurture friendship with each other.

Thank you for your support and dedication to campus ministry. Look forward to your participation this year.