An oasis in HKBU for you to get rid of the stress from work and study.

​The Recreation Centre provides a cozy environment for you to relax. No matter you are student or staff, from Hong Kong or else where, all are welcome. Grab a piece of boardgame or Nintendo Switch console and enjoy your time. Fun guaranteed!What if you are sporty person, how does table tennis sounds to you? Or you prefer artsy way. We provide guitar and digital piano for you as well. Either way, enjoy your time after class and work!

Other than the regular facilities provided, Recreation Centre offers special activities, of course at special time:). It could be Cultural Week, Movie Appreciation, Handcraft Market... or something you propose. Stay tuned to our Instagram updates (hkbu_rc)!

​Come visit with your friends and colleagues.



Boardgame Boardgame

Monopoly, UNO, Dixit, Nimmt, Rummikub, Cluedo...


Switch & Sports Switch & Sports
Switch & Sports

Mario Party / Mario Deluxe
Overcooked 2
Table Tennis


Musical Instruments Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments

Digital Piano*
*(Requires Room Booking)
Acoustic Guitar

Free of Charge

Books & Magazines Books & Magazines
Books & Magazines

Free of Charge

Room Booking

2 Activity Rooms are available for booking by BU students and Staff. Please make inquiries at service counter, and submit application form. ​

Capacity: 15 persons each
Availability: Within Opening hours
Facilities: Digital Piano, Table, Chair, Projector (Please bring your own notebook) ​

Accept booking not more than 3 months in advance​

Recreation Centre - Room Booking Recreation Centre - Room Booking
Room A
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Room B
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Opening Hours & Location

  • Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00 on Normal Class Day
  • Except Class Suspended Day and Public Holiday
  • Location: OEE606, Ho Sin Hang Campus (Opposite to A.C. Hall)


Important Notice

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To maintain hygiene, only light snacks and drinks are allowed. Please enjoy other food items elsewhere.

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Any rehearsals or performances that requires band setting are not allowed.



Tel: 3411 5028
Instagram: hkbu_rc